AviaUP (Ultralight & Professional Aviation) is an initiative launched by and mainly for ultralight teaching professionals. We aim, without any pressure, at promoting good teaching practices for more pleasure and safety!

Developing AviaUP, with other products than the “Paravia” will depend on our availability and the reception given to this first teaching aid.

If AviaUP has no particular ambition, it was nevertheless founded on one principle : its independence toward any institution, federation, school, brand, etc… We wish to avoid any clash of interests, ensuring you to be as neutral as possible. Only actors – outside direct competition with teaching professionals – are welcome as partners (i.e.: fabric - suspension line - link shackle manufacturers, ensuring companies, etc… and other companies or institutions outside the ultralight flight world).

We take this opportunity to thank once again our partners and important ones for their great support: COUSIN-Trestec, PORCHER Sport and PEGUET who immediately supported us! They embody what AviaUP wants to promote : technicality, professionalism and of course safety.

Good teaching, good training and good flights to all of you!