Educational model of rescue parachute

This model of a hemispherical rescue parachute was designed, initially for their own use, by skilled professional instructors of free flight and powered ultralight flight.

For those who have already experienced the packing of a parachute it is quite obvious that they need a lot of room, of time, of patience and not too much wind and dampness if it is packed outside… In short it is not an easy task!

The Paravia gets rid of all these restraints and turns a theoretical lesson on the rescue parachute into a very practical and fun one, that can be done nearly anywhere and anytime.

With only one Paravia or ideally several, the learners can spread out and repack this mini rescue parachute many times without any strain or difficulty and in just one session.

Because of its manageability, of the general view it offers and all its others qualities, it is a really great teaching aid.

Everyone knows that to acquire a good skill, one needs first to understand and then to repeat the action lots of times.
Your students will remember these training sessions and will appreciate your professionalism that they were entitled to expect from your school.

All the instructors and students who have been able to manipulate our first models, have immediately found this model of such relevance that they wondered why such a fabulous teaching aid had not been designed and distributed before.

The other advantage of the Paravia for your students is that it's commercially neutral. AviaUP is not bound to any manufacturer of parachutes or other paragliding materials; it is not a hidden promotion of a brand for which you might not be a retailer.

By acquiring this teaching aid, you will also contribute to supporting this independent step for the research and development of teaching means in order to improve the methods of teaching and consequently the safety and pleasure of the learning pilots.

Expand your teaching aids by adopting the Paravia. You can order it via this form.



  • 3 m² model made on the pattern of well-tried parachutes and POD.
  • Demonstrative video here or just there on the right

Designed to facilitate an easy and complete learning

  • Two-colour panels for a better identification
  • COUSIN-Trestec suspension lines with apex of a different color
  • Packing loops
  • “Two in one” POD to understand the two main types of POD (4 or 5 flaps, the fifth one is removable with Velcro)
  • New : extension belt for extraction from a real harness
  • New : mini carabiner from our new partner "Péguet" to link to the new extension belt.


  • Carrying bag
  • Two original elastic lockers to help packing
  • Ultralight Porcher-Sport fabric ensuring light weight (170 gr.) and small bulk

French manufacturing – Patented design ©


Price : 158 € exclusive of VAT (order exclusively through Internet)

Postage not included : delivery by colissimo in France (12 euros) and express delivery service abroad (cost will vary)